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Choose your Leeds JLD Committee for 2023

My name is Dani Davidson and I believe that I should be elected as the charity and education officer as I am an enthusiastic, organised individual, who would be a valued member of your team.

Giving back to charity is something I am passionate about as I understand the value of giving back to the community. From a young age I was a carer for my mum, this allowed me to recognise the impact charities have on the community, and how we can support them to continue the work they do. As a family we have received help from charities such as Macmillan and I have also organised fundraising events to give back to charities such The Brain Tumour Charity. My first-hand experience with charities will benefit me when creating and sustaining a relationship with the charities, as I understand the whole process. This role will also allow me to educate people using my own experiences which I think a lot of people would connect with.

I work at Rinew Legal as a paralegal specialising in employment and commercial law. I work in a team of 6 which has shown me the benefit of sharing the responsibility of being committed to the growth and development of an organisation. Working as part of a team is important in this role, as I understand that I will be working closely with the events officers to organise fundraising and educational events. I understand the level of commitment this role entails, which is why I think it is great that Rinew legal have ensured they will support me with time and contacts. This shows I am committed to attending all committee meetings and it also gives me exposure to Rinew Legal’s contacts which could be beneficial when organising educational and charity events.

I am also a member of BNI which is a networking group with various local businesses, which has not only given me connections to many businesses within different industries throughout Leeds but has provided me with the tools to present myself in a confident way. BNI has taught me how to build and maintain relationships with both businesses and individuals, which I believe is vital in this role. I also think my wide range of networking skills will help me get companies on board to support the annual charity raffle.

I am committed to self-development both in my personal and professional life. I believe that you should never stop learning, which is why I think it’s important to host frequent educational events to help our members with their progression. I would do this by connecting with businesses and individuals throughout Leeds who I believe could help our members reach their goals and ask them to collaborate with us to create an insightful event. I frequently attend networking events throughout Leeds which has given me an insight as to what events I think members would find useful.

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