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Choose your Leeds JLD Committee for 2023

I am applying for the role of FELT officer on the Leeds Junior Lawyers Division Committee (“LJLDC”) as I want to increase exposure for members who work either at smaller law firms or practice ‘In-house’ who perhaps don’t have the same networking opportunities as other members at larger firms.

Moving to Leeds, I worked ‘In-house’ for Turner and Townsend, however there weren’t many networking events hosted by the company. I have experienced what it is like to be ‘outside of the traditional legal network’ and how daunting it can be to attend networking events when you don’t work for a ‘traditional’ law firm.

Also, since recently moving to Progeny, I now work for a smaller law firm, as Progeny only has a couple of trainees, so it is still relatively small compared to some of the larger law firms in Leeds. Additionally due to the rapid growth and its alternative business model, Progeny isn’t a ‘traditional’ law firm and so I often work ‘In-house’ with internal clients and also with external clients, similar to a more ‘traditional’ law firm.

Consequently, I understand what it is like to work both ‘In-house’ and at a smaller law firm, meaning that other people in similar situations will be well represented on the LJLDC.

Furthermore, working in a smaller law firm, I understand the challenges that members may face when looking for networking opportunities, and more importantly how to bridge these gaps to help facilitate greater engagement in events from FELT members.

Additionally, I believe that I am well suited for the role as I am energetic, outgoing, and approachable, traits that I would bring to the role if I were selected for the LJLDC. I love the city of Leeds (for many reasons) and the people that live here, and I want to be a part of a community that can help inspire young professionals in the city and help them achieve their goals.

I am also very creative, have lots of ideas and I would like to work in a team on projects that have a tangible impact on the young professional network in Leeds.

Should I be elected to the LJLDC, Progeny have agreed to support some of my ideas including:

  1. Having an ‘Easter’ social hosted in the courtyard behind Progeny’s building;

  2. Providing sports kits for football or netball leagues;

  3. Offering to allow the Leeds Junior Lawyers Division access to the filming and recording studio in the office (this might be a good way to produce marketing material, video introductions about the committee on the website or even a video blog of what the LJDLC achieves over the year);

  4. Offering one of the video production team to come to events (perhaps for example the summer BBQ or the winter ball, schedule permitting) to film content for the Leeds Junior Lawyers Division.

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