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Choose your Leeds JLD Committee for 2023

Having attended a number of JLD Events over the last 24 months, I am aware of the standard and quality required to fulfil the role of events officer. I feel I should be elected as a committee member because as a junior lawyer and someone studying CILEX, I feel that I have the insight into what our members would not only find enjoyable but also beneficial as part of their career progression.


I understand it is the ultimate goal to organise excellent events which can then result in a growth of memberships across the Leeds division. I am only aware of one other committee member employed by Irwin Mitchell and feel it would be great to expand this. We can work together to use our existing contacts and bring this to JLD to host events for our members.


I am able to work well in a team, communicate effectively and will work hard to ensure the prestige reputation of the committee is upheld. I enjoy planning and getting creative to ensure my vision comes to life. I acknowledge organisation is a key aspect of this role and feel I am able to manage my time in an effective manner to ensure that the events are of a high standard and that all aspects have been arranged. I will ensure to preserve strong working relationships with all who are involved in coordinating the events.


I am able to dedicate time to the role and attend the monthly meetings. I feel I will be able to share innovative ideas with the current events officer, Leanne, to organise a good combination of both networking and educational events. I will consider the engagement and popularity of historic events to grow and ensure future events are just as successful if not more successful.


Having gained so much from attending the JLD events and being a member myself, I am passionate about enabling junior lawyers across the Leeds division to have access to this network in order to strengthen their personal development. I feel this is done most effectively via educational skills sessions and forming professional relationships through networking. I am dedicated to continuing the work of the committee by taking stand to become an events officer.

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