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Choose your Leeds JLD Committee for 2024
Mohurije Masoom

I am writing to apply for the Events Officer position for the 2024 Leeds JLD Committee. With a background in both legal and managerial roles, I bring a wealth of experience in market research, negotiation, team management, and customer service. All of which, I believe will be highly valuable in executing successful events for our members.

At The Garden Shisha and Dessert Lounge, I played an instrumental role in the rebranding and market research efforts, resulting in a notable 110% increase in our business's social media presence. This experience has equipped me with the skills to leverage various platforms effectively, ensuring that events organised by the Committee reach a wider audience. In a commercial setting, I have experience in negotiation, leading to a preferred suppliers deal with the University of Nottingham. This achievement resulted in an exclusivity contract, showcasing my ability to drive revenue and establish mutually beneficial partnerships. Moreover, my role resulted in internal negotiations that contributed to a substantial 25% decrease in overall food costs.


Within my legal and non-legal roles, I consistently reviewed business processes to ensure operational efficiency. This experience has honed my ability to lead and engage a team effectively, which I am eager to bring to the Events Officer role. I have also maintained an approachable demeanour and fostered strong rapport with both employees, clients and customers, believing that a positive and inclusive environment is key to the success of any venture.


Collaboration has been a cornerstone of my approach, and I have worked cross-functionally across the team in various contexts. This collaborative mindset extends to my interactions with other businesses, where I have successfully achieved mutually beneficial objectives in commercial environments. The experiences have given me a comprehensive understanding of the importance of effective communication and coordination with fellow managers.


Throughout my tenure, I have upheld the highest standards of customer service and event organisation. I believe that this commitment aligns with the goals of the Leeds JLD Committee in providing exceptional experiences for our members.


I am excited about the opportunity to utilise my experience and skills to contribute to the success of the Leeds JLD Committee.

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