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Choose your Leeds JLD Committee for 2023

I am an in-house trainee solicitor at Bupa. I joined as the property paralegal in April 2019 and then started my training contract in February 2022. I am currently in my second seat on secondment to Walker Morris. I joined the JLD in January 2022, despite this relatively short period of time my membership has been invaluable in building my network, making great new friends and helping me consider the type of lawyer I want to be.


I have attended multiple events, including wine and cheese night, the summer barbecue and various panel events. I also assisted Harvey Blake in organising a private practice vs In-house panel event in May 2022. I spoke at the event as a panellist, and it was a successful event with a good turnout of attendees. This event has given me a taste of being a JLD representative, it provides fantastic opportunities to build your network as well as to help others at similar stages in their career.


As the FELT/In-house representative, I would like to create a community for junior members of In-house/FELT teams where there are a small number of junior members. In these teams its can be daunting as there are not as many people in similar circumstances; so having a community where people can ask the silly (but probably not silly) questions, socialise and share thoughts with can be extremely useful. I am currently the only trainee in the national Bupa team, however having the JLD members there to talk to is a huge confidence boost. As well as creating a healthy support network, I would like to create a community to provide members with a group they can socialise and let loose with outside of work but with likeminded people who understand the work stresses we all endure.


My aim is to organise a mixture of social and educational events. I am a big advocate for junior in-house team members and for ensuring people are aware of the opportunities available to make an informed decision regarding their career. I would like to support members of smaller teams when looking at all opportunities in the legal industry, and make sure they know that, just because they may be in a minority group where they work, that doesn’t mean they can’t step up and make change in whatever area, firm or business they are in.

Events which I would like to run would be wide ranging from social drinks (with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options) to build the FELT/In-House community, to informative panel sessions with guest speakers, or round table discussions to encourage team work. Events can be focussed around different aspects of the legal industry for example, improving your legal skills, or understanding the evolving tech industry. In addition, I would love to arrange events for all members to get involved in and have fun, for example pub quiz night, mini-golf/pool, or bubbles and brush (prosecco and painting).

I would love to hold the position of FELT/In-house representative and, if successful, I will champion all those members who are part of smaller junior teams, as well as those interested in FELT/In-house firms, aiming to bring people together and help them develop the various skills required in the a legal career.

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