Harry Simpson of Barton Legal 

My name is Harry Simpson and I am a trainee solicitor at Barton Legal Limited, applying for the secretary role.


I am a great candidate for the role of Secretary as I am someone who enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly.  For example, when I played rugby at school and at university, I would ensure that all the players on our team were sufficiently prepared to play the schedule game, this included ensuring our kit had arrived and was set out for everyone and that the team members were sufficiently warmed up before the game.


At work, I also enjoy setting up meetings for the two directors of the company I work for and also reviewing the relevant dates for any contentious and non-contentious matters and ensuring that the relevant deadline dates are in our calendars and everyone is cognisant of what needs to be done in the lead up to the relevant deadlines.


 Working at a smaller firm, the sort of activities I have undertaken during my training contract have extended beyond just assisting our directors with legal work.  I have been required to assist on creating invoices, ensuring our online systems and physical records are kept in good order and answering the phones when required to.  I have also sent prospective clients emails with the scope of work our firm does and setting out the fees we would typically charge. I have also been responsible for minute taking when sitting in on client interviews, meetings and formal hearings.


I am also intrigued by the secretary role because of the assistance the secretary may need to provide to other committee members.  I would certainly be interested in providing thoughts, ideas and help to other members such as the Events Officer, Publicity or Sports office as much as I am capable of.


On a personal note, I am also interested in getting involved with the Leeds JLD because of the services that it provides.  It is great to see an organisation that is aimed at young people who are trying to find their way in the legal profession in the city of Leeds.  I am interested in getting involved with this organisation as a way of learning new skills and meeting other people who may have similar interests to myself.


Arooj Amer – Future Trainee at Womble Bond Dickinson

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2016 and completed my LPC/MSc at the University of Law Leeds in 2018. I am currently working as a Commercial Property Paralegal at a local firm in Huddersfield having recently left Gateley Plc after 3 years. I am due to start my training contract at Womble Bond Dickinson in the new year.

I believe I would be well suited to the role of Secretary as I have gained transferrable skills as explained below.

I am an outgoing and organised person having been on various committees during my time at university. I was the President of InterVol Nottingham and the President of the Mentoring Committee in my final year at university.

In the former position, I was involved in recruiting volunteers by organising events and preparing volunteers to send to Uganda on top of ensuring the society maintained a presence on campus and remained relevant to society members. It was my responsibility to ensure administrative tasks were completed in line with the national InterVol guidelines and to ensure that the volunteers organised with their fundraising targets. I was also responsible for maintaining effective records for these volunteers and ensuring I dealt with queries received from society members in a timely manner. I developed my organisation and administrative skills from this position; both of which are crucial skills for a Secretary.

I developed my leadership and communication skills as I worked alongside different personalities in both committees and understand the importance of team work to achieve a common goal. It is equally important for a Secretary to be proactive and keen with assisting the wider Committee to ensure events are successful and the objectives of the Leeds JLD are met.

During all my roles at university, I developed my ability to manage my time effectively between my extracurricular activities, a part-time job and university. This is a vital skill for a Secretary and means I will be able to devote time to the JLD and assist other Committee members with events alongside general administration and membership management which falls within the remit of a Secretary.

I hope to be considered for the role as I believe I am a well-rounded individual and would suit the role of Secretary. I am a member of the Leeds JLD and attended events in the past such as the summer BBQ. I would cherish the opportunity to develop my skills alongside developing the Leeds JLD as it continues to maintain its presence within Leeds and expand its outreach irrespective of the current challenges posed.


Sophie Hudson of Weightmans 

I am a second year Trainee Solicitor at Weightmans LLP and I am currently undertaking a seat in our Regulatory team. I am a friendly, motivated person and I am applying for the position of secretary for Leeds JLD.

My role as a trainee means I am responsible for assisting on multiple different matters and ensuring that deadlines are met. This requires me to remain aware of the progression of matters and ensure I am up-to-date on what is required next. I work with multiple members of the team on a daily basis and ensure that I am swift to respond to anything requested of me. I consider myself a highly organised individual with effective time management skills. I believe these skills make me well-suited to the role of secretary and being a point of contact for the members.

Taking part in further activities to help others and have fun is something I have done throughout my education and career. At university, I was elected as a team leader of a pro bono scheme to deliver street law presentations to “seasoned citizens”. I further took on two different positions during my time as a member of the Hull University Yoga & Wellbeing Society, undertaking the role of Activities Organiser, then later becoming the Secretary. These positions required organising the society’s timetable and teaching classes, as well as general administrative tasks.

I have been part of Weightmans’ CSR committee since commencing at the firm, which has given me the opportunity to organise charity events and fundraising initiatives, on my own and with others. From doing this I have gained skills which I would apply to the role of secretary; liaising with different individuals, within the firm and externally, to organise donations, promoting events to get more people involved and keeping a record of participants and donation figures.

Dedication and focus are something I bring to every role I take on and I would bring them to the committee in the role of secretary. I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity and I hope you agree that I would be an asset to the committee if chosen as this year’s secretary!