Kate Imeson of Travlaw LLP

My name is Kate Imeson and I am currently a trainee solicitor in the commercial department of Travlaw LLP, a niche travel law firm in Horsforth. I’m due to qualify as a solicitor (very soon!) on 17th November 2020.

Over the past two years as a trainee, I’ve been taking advantage of the JLD opportunities (netball and networking, mainly) but I’d really like to play a more active role in the committee and be able to represent my firm in doing do.

I have quite a background in sports - in particular, netball. I played for ULAW when I was a student and I was also netball captain, certified coach and player of the University of Leeds Law Society team & voluntary umpire for the university’s social leagues. While captain, my Leeds Law team won “Social League Team of the Year” for our sociable, approachable and welcoming team. I currently captain and play for my local ‘Netball Nights’ team. Sport and organising teams therefore has been (and still is) just part of my weekly schedule. As much as I can, I additionally try to “wing” for as many JLD teams too – so I can network with all the players and get involved with other firms where possible. I’d like to think my team-working skills, enthusiasm for sport and commitment are shown through this, all fundamental to the role of the Sports Officer.

I understand that the current sporting options for JLD could be limited. But, as the Government’s rules relax I’m keen to proactively think of new and innovative ways sporting events can be held (alongside the usual ways) to ensure that the sporting elements of JLD remain positive and worthwhile for members e.g. axe throwing, Fiit classes, TRIB3, sports quizzes, running club, junkyard golf, shuffleboard, bowling and more!

With my client base / knowledge, trips abroad (or in the UK, if Boris doesn’t let us go abroad) for sports could be on the cards! I have daily contact with lots of sport related travel agents / tour operators who bring me insight into those trips and key elements to think about – whether it be ski trips, rugby/hockey tours, activity weekends, sporting ticket purchases etc.!

Personally, I consider myself a very organised person. I enjoy co-ordinating activities with family and friends, making plans and forward thinking. I understand that this role will involve working with other committee officers (e.g. treasurer) to plan co-ordinate with their roles too - which I’m ready for.

I’d love to bring my unique experiences together and bring my perspective to the JLD Committee. Following 2020 it’s also really important to bring a fun and social atmosphere back to sport which may have been lost or forgotten about this year. I feel that I have a lot to bring to this role and can be trusted and relied upon to bring back the spirit of sport to the Leeds JLD members. 


Alexandra Bartlett of Gateley 

I am writing to apply for the role of sports officer. I am a second year trainee at Gateley where I also previously worked as a paralegal.

Throughout my time at Gateley, I have been involved in the organisation of a number of events for the office and national charities. I have also been involved in the organisation of numerous office social events and as a member of the Pride committee, I also help to prepare various workshops and fundraising events.

Since joining Gateley in 2016, I have volunteered (for my sins) for a number of fundraising events including, cycling from Manchester to Leeds for Help for Heroes as well as the Three Peaks Challenge for Candlelighters, which we actually completed overnight.

I am captain of the Leeds office netball team and helped to set up a team for the JLD league, which I love (and really missing at the moment). Outside of work, I attend the gym regularly (now online HIIT classes) and enjoy watching rugby union.

I am a very active person with good time management skills and experience in organising small and large scale events. I have a number of ideas moving forward which I think the JLD can implement whilst still in lockdown and hopefully, when some degree of normality resumes.

This is a position that I have been interested in for some time and now, more than ever I think sports and exercise are great for our mental health, as well as a brilliant way of networking. I believe that there are a number of ways to incorporate sports into our daily lives and it doesn’t always have to get the heart rate going. Leeds is a fantastic place with access to a variety of sports from canoeing and climbing to archery and trampolining. I would hope to be able to organise events that centre on sports but which give attendees both the opportunity to play or watch or both.

I hope you will consider me for the role of sports officer as I believe that I am creative and passionate and would love to be involved with the LJLD committee.


Courteney Jackson of Irwin Mitchell 

I’m Courteney Jackson, a medical negligence paralegal and future trainee solicitor at Irwin Mitchell. I am also currently studying my LPC and LLM at the University of Law.

I am an outgoing, enthusiastic person who is extremely reliable, committed and I love working as part of a team! I am keen to build on my skills and network with new people. I am very organised, and I love a study planner, to-do list and my year planner! I am always willing to help others, whether at work or through volunteering at events.


I am applying for the role of Sports Officer as I am very passionate about sports, and I have always been involved in various sports teams throughout my life. I was captain of the University of Leeds Law Society netball team and I was involved in organising friendly matches, running training sessions every week and organising social events for the team. I had to speak with the sports secretary and treasurer regularly in my role to ensure that all my events ran smoothly. I was also required to secure funding for netball memberships.

It was my role to engage students and encourage them to attend my training sessions through creating a welcoming atmosphere. I loved the sociable aspect of my role, as well as the actual sport! Pre COVID, I played for two netball teams and I am always a very reliable and consistent team member. I also enjoy running and I will always try any sport and I like to encourage others to get involved (sometimes too much)! I would love the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and passion with people of all abilities and interests. The social aspect of sport is so important and I would love to bring that to JLD. Some potential ideas for events include a trampoline park, rounders and potentially a tournament for charity building on the already establish JLD netball league. I am also aware of the annual ski trip and would love the opportunity to consider further ideas and events.

As well as my passion for sport, I have experience of organising events such as the annual ‘Boys v Girls’ netball match at University, work Christmas parties and marshalling at local running club events. These events required me to communicate with different people, book venues and organise payment, as well as promote and encourage people to come along and give it a go.

I am a friendly person and would love to get involved with the committee and promote inclusive sporting events. I always give 100% to anything I do and I would love the opportunity to get involved with the committee!