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Choose your Leeds JLD Committee for 2024


Hi, I’m Leigh, a 1 year PQE solicitor in the Private Wealth and Succession team at Schofield Sweeney LLP in Leeds and I am standing for the role of Treasurer in the Leeds JLD committee. From my previous experience, I know how important and vital this role is in ensuring the year runs smoothly, and I am keen to use my previous experiences to assist me in this role.


I believe that I would be a suitable candidate for the role, and my previous experience highlights the key qualities that I possess to continue the important work that the Treasurer role provides.

I am a member of my firm’s social committee, and a key part of this role is ensuring that all events that take place throughout the year fall within the budget set. This involves keeping members of the committee informed of the budget throughout the year so that everyone has visibility and allows for advanced planning of events to run smoothly. This proactive approach is something I am keen to bring to the role of Treasurer within the Leeds JLD committee.

I have also had experience as a treasurer during my time as President/Captain of the Huddersfield Women’s Rugby Union team. During this time I kept an organised record of memberships, ensuring everyone had paid for their memberships, whilst also making sure I was an approachable figure that members could speak to if they were having any issues or trouble with the payment of their membership. I also kept track of sponsorship payments and ensured that all agreed payments by sponsors were paid and accounted for within the budget.

Following on from this experience within the rugby club, I would keep up to date with the events that the committee are running throughout the year by calendar linking, as well as working closely with Thomas as sponsorship officer to ensure that sponsorship monies are paid on time.

Finally, I also have experience in managing finances in my role as solicitor. I regularly act and assist financial deputies in manging vulnerable client’s finances and a large part of this is ensuring that funds are readily available for use in the present as well as ensuring finances are available in the future. I regularly arrange the payment of all invoices for these clients and keep a clear record of invoices and receipts on all matters. I would also look to bring this organisation to the role of Treasurer.

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