Aman Ali of Rradar

In addition to expanding my professional network where I will be responsible for representing various parts of the junior legal community, I am eager to use my skills and experience in helping deliver events for members of the Junior Lawyers Division (JLD). Having assumed various extra responsibilities in my previous role, ranging from a member of the social events, charity and diversity and inclusion committees, I am eager to increase my involvement in the local legal community by taking on the extra responsibility of Sponsorship Officer for the JLD. As a confident communicator who thrives in situations requiring relationship building, I am particularly intrigued by this opportunity where I will be responsible for liaising and maintaining relationships with sponsors of Leeds JLD, with a view to securing funds and support for a variety of events.

Having collaboratively worked with ten committee members in both the charity and social events committees at Minster Law, I have demonstrated a strong record of leadership, project management and organisational skills by delegating tasks and working to tight deadlines; delivering various events and managing a number of projects simultaneously. Additionally, these roles also required me to confidently communicate with colleagues from various parts of the business; ranging from board level to front of house. As an example, I utilised my communication skills in establishing various event requirements and deadlines from senior stakeholders, whilst also showing my analytical ability and presentation skills in researching and presenting ideas in various committee meetings.

My experience of working in various sales and customer facing roles will also be particularly relevant to this opportunity, as I understand the importance of building excellent relationships with sponsors; contributing to the committee’s ability to generate repeat support and maintain a strong reputation within the Leeds legal community. Whilst working as a Mortgage Adviser, I developed the ability to use different questioning techniques in completing a full financial fact find and establish customer needs.

This is in turn allowed me to provide appropriate recommendations and options, where I was able to discuss the pros, cons and trade-offs of possible options. In relevance to the role in question, I feel I will be able to leverage these skills in understanding sponsor agendas and perspectives whilst building relationships and securing support for various JLD events.

If I am successful in securing the role, I am also eager to use my interest in diversity and inclusion in helping drive the Committee’s various initiatives. As an example, I have done this previously through organising an Eid celebration whilst working at Minster Law solicitors, assisting the firm in recognising its diverse employee background in an inclusive, educational and engaging manner.


Haseenah Ali of Pinsent Masons

A bit about me

I graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2017 and completed my LPC/MSc at the University of Law in 2018. I am currently working as a Commercial Property Paralegal at Pinsent Masons LLP and shortly due to start my training contract at Irwin Mitchell in the Business Legal Services stream in February 2021.

Why should I be elected as a LJLD committee and what can I bring as a member

The role of a Sponsorship Officer is one of significant importance in the LJLD, I understand the Junior Lawyers Division relies heavily on the sponsorship it receives for a variety of events the LJLD puts on throughout the year. I should be elected as a LJLD committee member as I believe I have the necessary skills required to be successful in this position.

The Sponsorship Officer needs to have strong communication skills and should not be afraid to reach out to the firms and organisations offering legal services in the region. As a member, I developed my communication skills by volunteering at the University of Huddersfield’s Law Society and contacted various law firms in and around Yorkshire to coordinate events. This experience allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and be proactive by contacting local law firms who may be interested in delivering a presentation to members.

The successful candidate needs to be well connected, be able to maximise and continue to build upon the relationships already created by the current Sponsorship Officer, Rachael Wheatley. Having worked at different law firms in Leeds, I believe this is something I can do. I have connections with a variety of different paralegals, trainees and lawyers in the region. Whilst this is a good way of making inroads and developing a commercial relationship with the firms, it will allow me to listen to any ideas and concerns members may have and feedback to the wider LJLD committee, i.e. if a firm was to provide sponsorship and had an idea of an event they would like to put on, I would liaise with the Events Officer to help organise the event. I continue to widen my professional network as a Professional Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors.

I actively follow different legal publications to enhance my commercial awareness but believe this has allowed me to be well informed on key developments within firms in the area. Finally, I am an enthusiastic and positive individual who has developed skills through various extra-curricular activities i.e. volunteering in legal advice clinics, law society and at fundraising events.



I hope to be successful in my application and would love to help in the development of the LJLD as a Sponsorship Officer. I’m ready to further develop my network and assist in the various events the LJLD runs whilst developing my skills at the same time.