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Choose your Leeds JLD Committee for 2024

TREASURER:Mohurije Masoom

I am writing to apply for the Treasurer position for the 2024 Leeds JLD committee, as I have experience within financial management and fiscal responsibility, through previous business endeavours. I believe that I will be suited to take on the responsibility of overseeing the JLD accounts and budget.

Alongside my legal career, I have played an active role within my business at The Garden Shisha and Dessert Lounge. Through this, I have gained extensive experience in financial management. I have also been actively involved in market research, rebranding, and content creation. A combination, which not only enhanced the business’s market presence but strengthened my analytical skills.

One of my key achievements at The Garden has been negotiating commercial agreements to maximise revenue. I successfully negotiated a preferred suppliers deal with the University of Nottingham, resulting in an exclusivity contract. This experience has provided me with valuable insights into negotiating and managing financial agreements, skills that are directly transferable.

Effective budgeting and cost management have been integral aspects of my legal and non-legal roles. Through successful internal negotiations at The Garden, I achieved a 25% decrease in overall food costs, demonstrating my ability to ensure fiscal prudence without compromising on quality or service.

This experience has instilled in me a disciplined and detailed approach to financial management. Managing invoices and ensuring timely payments have been integral aspects of roles. I understand the importance of prompt and accurate financial transactions in maintaining strong business relationships. I am committed to applying this diligence and attention to detail in managing the finances of the Leeds JLD Committee.

In addition to my financial responsibilities, I have actively engaged with team members. This has required effective communication, leadership, and a collaborative approach, all of which are essential skills for being a member of the JLD committee.

Overall, my career experiences have provided me with a holistic understanding of financial management, negotiation, and effective team leadership. I am excited about the opportunity to apply these skills and contribute to the success of the Leeds JLD Committee as Treasurer

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