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Leeds JLD Charity of the Year 2024 – Candlelighters!

By Rachael Barthel (Charity and Education Officer)

Leeds JLD this year will raise funds in support of the wonderful Yorkshire based charity, Candlelighters!

Each year, over 150 children in Yorkshire are diagnosed with cancer. When a child is diagnosed, lives are turned upside down instantly: not just for the child but the entire family. Getting well again can be a long and challenging journey, emotionally, physically, and financially. Supporting children and families throughout that journey is why Candlelighters was formed more than 40 years ago.

Candlelighters run peer support groups for parents, siblings and grandparents and at The Square, it’s family support centre, which is a safe and tranquil space for families and children to visit and is a short work from Leeds Children’s Hospital.

As well as peer support groups, Candlelighters provide families with holidays to Centre Parcs, financial support with new patient grants and accommodation (The Cottage) if families need somewhere to stay to be close to their child when they are going through treatment.

Candlelighters also fund roles on the wards that would otherwise not exist in the NHS. This provides fundamental frontline support for children and heir families on wards.

The Candlelighters work with businesses and individuals across Yorkshire in order to provide their support and services to those impacted by children’s cancer.

Donations and fundraisers for Candlelighters allows their amazing work to continue, so please look out for fundraising events throughout 2024 at Leeds JLD and ways in which you can support the charity - How you can help - Candlelighters and Candlelighters Trust: LJLD this year are raising funds in support of Candlelighters! Please donate if you can! (

As always, we will have our charity raffles at our summer social and winter ball. Guests will be able to purchase tickets at the events and all funds raised will go to our charity of the year. If you are a business and would like to donate a prize for our charity raffle, please get in touch with our charity officer, Rachael Barthel (

We are very much looking forward to supporting Candlelighters this year and can’t wait to introduce them to our members at our Easter Social!


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