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JLD Dog Walk

This morning we sent out our sports update for October (you can join our mailing list via our website homepage). We have lots of sports events coming up, including netball, football, socials, Trib3 and races. Check out our latest events here: Events | Leeds JLD.

One of our JLD sports events we recently hosted was a dog walk in Meanwood Park in Leeds. Luckily the sun was out for us as you can see from the pictures! It was meant to be.

We started at the Three Cottages cafe and walked an easy route around the park with our dogs, including Poppy, Clem and Alfie. A few dogs went for a little swim to cool down and others ran into muddy bogs. People along the walk said we had the “best looking dogs in the whole park” and we completely agree.

We had a lovely day and so thanks to everyone who came along, we hope you enjoyed it too.

We will add another dog walk to the list of events in the future (once the rain and our winters weather disappears again) and hope to see you there!


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