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Journey to Partnership

Leeds JLD hosted a special breakfast seminar at the office of Blacks Solicitors on Thursday 23 September, where we were joined by Sue Carter and Jonathan Fletcher. The session began with early morning networking over coffee and pastries before introducing the speakers to present the ‘Journey to Partnership’.

Our main speaker, Sue Carter has spent nearly 40 years in banking and decided to set up her own consultancy business in 2021. She has been advising law firms since 1993 and gave the junior lawyers of Leeds a practical presentation on tips and guidance to achieving partnership status at a law firm. The session got junior lawyers thinking about the skills that they potentially need to be developing over the coming years. Those in attendance found the talk interesting, thought provoking, and ultimately allowed them to dream big and gain the knowledge to path the way for this journey.

Jonathan Fletcher, a private banking manager from Virgin Money, co-presented informing juniors about the potential for partnership investment loans, something that a lot of juniors were not previously aware of. This in turn provided the accessibility aspect of the seminar.

We hope to see you all as partners in the future!


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