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Leeds Legal Walk 2021

This summer the Leeds Legal Walk Week takes place from Monday 12th July – Sunday 17th July. Teams are encouraged to sign up and complete the route in their own time during this week.

Supported by Leeds Law Society, The Leeds Legal Walk sees legal professionals and justice advocates walking 10K to raise funds for Access To Justice in Yorkshire, who aim to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable in society by raising funds and distributing them to organisations that support those who need legal help but cannot afford it. Receiving legal help makes an enormous difference to people’s lives, helping to reduce debt, poverty and suffering. Find out more about the charity here:

This is a perfect opportunity for friends, family and colleagues to get together safely and raise funds for the Yorkshire Legal Support Trust.

Registration is free and we encourage all of our members to take part. Save the date and sign up to The Leeds Legal Walk Week here:

Our committee are signed up for the Legal Walk on Monday 12th July - if you’d like to donate, you can do so here:

We look forward to seeing your scenic shots and selfies as you make your way around the route - don't forget to tag us (@LeedsJLD).


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