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Our first ever Speed Networking!

We recently held our first ever speed networking event at SALT, Granary Wharf in Leeds city centre, which was a huge success!

Our members were greeted with a glass of fizz before the speed networking started. Each pair then spoke for four minutes before the whistle was blown and they had to move on to the next person. The tables were set up as four people per table, which meant some individuals preferred to speak as a four, rather than a pair, which worked well too. There were also prompt cards on the tables to help anyone who was nervous or needed a helping hand to break the ice, although it seems the cards were hardly needed!

The event was a great opportunity for our members to build confidence networking in a more relaxed setting as well as getting the chance to speak to everyone whilst they moved around the room.

Our attendees also enjoyed delicious chicken, donner and falafel wraps, chicken wings and halloumi fries from the Falafel Guys - we would absolutely recommend! Thank you to the team at Salt for looking after us.

We were extremely pleased to receive the following feedback after the event:

“The event was such a fabulous idea - I spoke to so many people and made lots of new connections. Usually I find myself networking within similar circles, however the format pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to speak to new faces. Thank you for a really well thought out and well planned event.”

"Eleven out of ten as always. Spoke to many people - quite a few said it was their first networking event and liked the format. One said networking just was not her thing but changed her mind about 5 mins in. I noticed she was one of the last ones to leave as well. Getting someone out of their shell like that for example and making them meet new people, in that it takes them somewhere in the future will change their life in a small way. That must give you guys some great satisfaction and all the hard work you guys put in - makes it worthwhile.”

One attendee even asked if we could run the event weekly!

We’d like to thank everyone who attended, especially those who felt out of their comfort zone at the thought of speed networking, but got stuck in and overcame their nerves. We are extremely pleased with how the evening went and hope to organise further networking events to follow a similar format soon (albeit maybe not weekly!).


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